Is buying and selling alcohol a lucrative business opportunity?

We have recognised the gap that exists between collectors and sellers and sourced a network of buying and sellers by representing them and doing business with them for a considerable period of time. We have dedicated our man power and resources to locating and delivering rare spirits of any origin to the delighted customer who is appreciate of our efforts. To our sellers we provide a rate higher than he would receive anywhere else in the market and we also allow him the privilege of us going to him. We also give the very busy sellers the option to schedule the sale on line.

To our buyers we provide a premium and discreet service that allows them to continue their taste for vintage and rare collections of sprits and we save them the trouble of having to locate same on their own.

I have recently inherited an old collection of whiskey and I am not much of a fan. Are there any platforms I can exchange them for a decent price?

Yes you have come to the right place, many like you have trusted our services and received a very competitive compensation for the goods exchanged. We have been in the business of door step colleting vintage vodka and whiskey. We sell whisky singapore and offer our services Monday through Friday, all day round and also resourceful enough to come collect your items from wherever that is most convenient for you, irrespective of where you are located in the island.

We are available on our land line and also via WhatsApp. Send in a quick pic of the bottle in question and we can name our price for you. And if you think we play fair. Let’s shake hands on the deal!

Will an antique bottle bring in more money?

Do not be fooled by the dust that has settled in on the bottle. You might be sitting on a considerable amount of money in there. If you are not familiar with the specifications of the bottle that you hold, fire us a call and we will be happy to oblige. Needless to say in this circumstances, old really is gold so whatever the rare spirits that you are in receipt of that you do not want to have a go at, name a price and we will make sure that it is our worry make sure it falls to the hands of somebody who will really appreciate it.

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