There are many terms for eyebrow embroidery such as microblading, microstroking, cosmetic tattooing, pigment embroidery or even 3-dimensional eyebrows. This new technique is taking over the world of cosmetics and permanent make up.


It is difficult to tell if one has gone to eyebrow embroidery Singapore based facilities to get their eyebrows enhanced as they almost natural. They also help to shape your brows symmetrically.


Brow embroidery is when a tiny blade with smaller needle is dipped in ink and then painted lightly on the skin replicating the same hair that is along the brow. This is a permanent procedure. Microblading results lasts for almost three years, which makes your brows look bushy, and you can change the shape of the brows to something that suits your face. For those women who are younger than thirty years, they embroidery will not last for more than one year.


  • You will have the opportunity to elongate the length of your brows.
  • Your brows will look very natural and similar as the end result.
  • You do not have to worry about losing hair with the treatment.
  • The cosmetic tattooing will last for about three years and not a lot of touch ups are required.
  • You will not have to worry about changing the style of your brow.
  • You can change the bushiness of the brow based on your preference; one year your brow can be thicker and fuller or the next year you can make them sleeker and thinner.



  • A blade is being use to brush the paint on to the skin which might cause at least hundred tiny cuts minimum.
  • If the individual who is performing microblading is not professional, he or she might cut into your skin a little bit too deep, which will cause an infection if the blade has not been sterilised properly.
  • You might even end up with a crooked eyebrow if the individual is not a professional.
  • Regardless the use of numbing creams, you might feel a feel some discomfort and pain.

After you get your brow tattoo, you need to ensure that you do wear any cream or make up on or near the brows,which might cause an infection on the cuts caused by the blades. You can use some Vaseline, which will prevent bacteria getting into the cuts. Other alternatives are coconut oil or even grape seed oil which will help the skin breath but not harm and cause infection.


You cannot swim or expose your brows to a lot of water for the next seven days which will result in the cuts opening up again and therefore you will have patches along the brows.


Think twice before you decide to get your brows done!



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