When It comes to Italian food, it is surprisingly a diverse cuisine. Each and every regions has it’s over distinctive flavors, recipes, products and of course fresh ingredients. There are basically many recipes that can blow your mind when it comes for this cuisine.  However Italian cuisine is also pretty bold and satisfying even thoughit’s not heavy but, it’s pretty rich in flavors.

You may find different kind of dishes in every region. Risotto and other flavored dishes are from the northern region.  You may also find olive and oil and cherry tomato based recipes that comes from the south region.


Italy is also one of the largest wine producers in the world. Also cured meat, such as the prosciutto and the salamis. These meats are basically used in many of the dishes and Easter pies in Italy.

Fresh Cheese

Cheese is also one of the best things about Italy. However they got varieties of cheese products and it super fresh. Cheese rangers from soft mozzarella to Pecorino Romanos which is salt and hard.

However you will also find some of the famous dishes that literally every single one would love to try out to. You will also find a wide range of Bread and fresh pasta all around Italy. These breads are pretty difference than any other breads. Specifically in size, taste and texture.

Meat Items

You will also be able to find cured meat, wine and blocks and blocks of cheese all around Italy and even any Italian restaurant Singapore. However the taste and the flavor of each delicacies varies according to the different region. 

Different kind of pastas

Pastas also can be different depending from place to place. A lot of fresh homemade pastas are pretty popular and it is also very simply dressed so it wont overwhelm the flavor. Dried pastas are quiet famous around the south of Italy and it can be dished in several ways. Some say that certain pasta shapes has legends behind the whole creation.

Sweet items

When it comes for desserts, one of the most popular dessert around Italy would be Gelato. Its rich and flavorful. Italian ice cream can be enjoyed any moment and any time.


Espresso is one of the widely known coffee around the world, and Italy is quiet popular for it. Its enjoyed all throughout the Italian cities. Espresso was also first developed in Milan in early 20th Century.

Street Food

Gelato and panini sandwiches are pretty popular in streets of Italy. But one of the best  street food will also  be the glorious pizza. Mostly the pizza will be thing, with a crunchy crust and topped with the minimal toppings such as, mozzarella, basil and tomato pastes which makes it even better and authentic

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