Friends coming over?

This can go two ways. Bad or v bad because coz let’s face it. You can’t cook if your life depended on it. Just because it is a dinner at home there is no hard and fast rule that requires you to have a sit down dinner. Contrary to what you may believe, caterers are not out to rip you off and do not charge atrocious amounts for the food they serve. There are many home bakers, chefs and culinary specialists who run a decent business right from their kitchen just a few blocks away from you. Look in the bright side, you will be helping a local business, not to mention sparing your guests the horror of your cooking. Even if you were great at this kind of thing, cooking up a storm and playing the lovely host and all that, don’t you deserve to ditch the apron and look pretty for one day?


Buffet is great choice for both lunch and dinner, it offers your guests the opportunity to mix and match and also skip the foods they are not a big fan off, with a buffet you can also offer a greater variety of dishes including action stations and ‘’make it on your own stands’’. So that anyone with specific dietary restrictions would not feel any awkwardness. Food catering services Singapore are expert cooks who will be able to consult you on quantities and dishes that complement each other along with the right kind of spirits that is ideal to top it off with. There is no doubt your guests will be impressed.


Having people over for tea or just a quick bite? A mini buffet will work wonders and leave your guest pleasantly surprised as nobody expects a spread for tea. This can include anything that will work with your budget and your taste palate. Mini burgers, sandwiches, cupcakes, egg salads and cold pasta dishes are among the favourites for entertaining guests to a light meal. This works well for office parties and birthday parties too.


Hosting in a more structured setup that doesn’t allow room to lay the table or indulge in some small talk while you are at it? This is great to pass out food during a long staff meeting or during a picnic out with a large party. It is almost spill free and a lot less messy with almost zero clean up time.


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