Kitchens are not only the place where you cook meals for your family. But it is also the space where family gather together and spend time in. Therefore that is why it is important for you to ensure that this space is child-friendly. Otherwise, you would spend all your time worrying about your child’s safety instead of focusing on your food. Furthermore, it is also possible for children to feel unwelcome in this space.

Give Them An Activity Area

After a hard day at work, the first thing you do when you come home is beginning to prepare dinner. But this would not always be an easy task if you have young children. That is because they would try to demand your attention. They would do so by shouting at you or by playing with the dining chairs Singapore. When this happens it would be impossible for you to focus on dinner. Thus, that is why it is a good idea for you to have an activity area in the kitchen for the children. Here you can have a small desk with an activity book or even play dough. This way the child would be able to keep themselves occupied while you cook.

Give Them Some Autonomy

At this stage, we understand that children would be interested in helping you. But you may be too scared to help them. That is because you think that they may hurt themselves. Thus, in that case, what you need to do is a compromise. You can allow them to bring you certain items or even taste test as you cook. Furthermore, once they are a little bit older you can get them to prepare their own snacks. This way the child would feel useful. Furthermore, they would begin to love spending time in the kitchen. It is also possible for parents to purchase child-friendly kitchen utensils. Then the child can use these items to cut bread or fruits to prepare themselves a snack. But you won’t have to worry because they would not be able to harm themselves.

Them The Child Size Supplies

We understand that children love to participate in various activities. Therefore when you are in the kitchen they would also want to help. But it would not always be possible for them to help you clean the kitchen or help with baking. That is because the utensils that you are using may be too big for them. In that case, what you need to do is invest in child-sized utensils. You can easily find brooms and mops that are meant for children. Then they would have no problem helping you around the kitchen.

Thus, this is how you make this space child-friendly.


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