The menstruating period is hell on teenagers, but there’s nothing preventing it from haunting you even it your 20s and 30s. Here’s how you can deal better with the pain and stop it from controlling your life…

Make things as pain-free as possible

Gone are the days when old-wives’ tales made it out that women need to feel their menstruating pains for the cycle to be complete were believed. No longer are we said that menstrual pain and depression during that period is fabricated¾all in our heads. Thankfully, we are more knowledgeable about the human body nowadays, and understand normal and abnormal pains during this period. If you experience severe pains, we urge you to consult a gynecologist. Not only would they prescribe you painkillers to make this period of your month as pain-free as possible, they might also be able figure out other related body conditions if any.

Bend the rules a little

In a world where beauty means everything, we are grateful that people also consider healthy eating and a healthy maintenance of weight just as important. If you are like many women who crave unhealthy food during this period, but hold yourself strong resisting them; we applaud you. however, considering that you’re already suffering, is it fair for you to punish your body further…willingly? Bend the rules a little. Buy chocolates online Singaporeand give into your cravings once in a while…

Figure out what makes you feel better during this period

What makes you feel better during this period; physically and emotionally? A chocolate, a hug, a hot water bottle, complaining about something, or perhaps sleeping the day away…? As different as our bodies are, what makes us feel better during this period will differ as well. the challenge is to figure out what makes you feel better, and making sure you give yourself this during your menstruation period. This is especially important when it comes to your emotional needs.

Take steps to prevent aggravating the pain

Apart from what makes your pain numb during your menstruation period, it’s also important for you take the necessary steps that prevent putting you through aggravating pain in the months to come. Of course, you can’t get rid of it entirely, but certain things like keeping yourself well hydrated, exercising regularly and staying stress-free do actually help a lot more than you’d think. You may also have a few things that is exclusive to you that reduces/aggravates pain during your menstruating period; figure it out and act accordingly…

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