Are you planning a trip to Sabah? If so, here’s how you can make the best of your trip!


Time It So You Reach There When Sabah Is At Its Best

Truth be told, if you ask a local, they’d probably tell you that Malaysia is usually a delight to visit all year long. That’s the beauty of it. However, they will agree that some of the best months to visit would be from August to September. But there is a catch. You need to do your research on the particular place you are about to visit. Take Borneo, for example; the best times to visit here would be between the months of March and October. It also pays to find out when tourist seasons begins, as you might have offers during the season, and sometimes when off-season.

Get A Little Professional Help When Planning Out Your Trip

If this is your first trip abroad, or if you have no idea about what can be done in Malaysia in general, then the best way to make sure you make the most of your trip to Sabah is to join a tour group. This is not only a way to make more out of your trip, but also a great idea if you happen to travel alone¾and are not that great with getting around. Look for tour options of each particular city or district that you’d want to visit. A Borneo travel package, for example, might suit you the most if you’re visiting there. From activities to sightseeing, to even exploring the culture and traditions; you’ll see it all this way.


Make Use of Your Days and Your Nights

One thing you must definitely keep in mind when travelling to any part of the world, is that most countries nowadays have a pretty happening nightlife and plenty of nighttime activities for you to try out. So don’t restrict your agenda to the day. In Sabah, nightlife is pretty great, so you won’t find any difficulty finding a bar to let loose at. The dining options for the afterhours are pretty great too. But if you are looking for a more “touristy” activity, then consider giving the night market a visit.

Give Yourself Plenty of Time to Rest before the Trip

Most people commonly make the mistake of trying to settle all their affairs and commitments before taking a trip. While it’s true that it will help them unwind better, and keeping their phones off would be less guilt-inducing, it is also true that by doing so they are exhausting themselves greatly. This makes it harder to partake in all activities, as their body is exhausted already. Give yourself plenty of time to sleep before your trip. Take advantage of your flight to Malaysia and sleep as much as you can¾resisting the temptation to watch movies or binge watch a drama season. Bring whatever you may need to help you rest better; provided it doesn’t weigh you down when exploring Malaysia.

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