Surprising a special lady with a bouquet of flowers is a great way to let her know that you’re thinking of her. While some guys do this effortlessly, there are a few who get nervous and confused on what kind of flowers to give. The classic red rose is a timeless pick but you can try other options to be more unique.

There are lots of florists offering same day flower delivery Singapore which makes sending your special someone a fresh bouquet easier and more convenient. If you’re not sure what flowers to pick, below are a few common flowers and their meanings.


Roses are the most commonly chosen flower especially if you’re expressing your romantic feelings. Majority of women surely love to receive a bouquet or even a single rose on special occasions. Aside from red, there are plenty of colors to choose from and each of them implies a different meaning.  

  • Red – Aside from expressing romantic feelings, it also speaks passion and desire you have for that person.
  • White – White roses symbolize pure love. It means that your love for her is eternal and you respect and view her as an equal.
  • Yellow – Yellow roses signify friendship.
  • Red and White – When these two rose colors are combined in one bouquet, it signifies harmony and togetherness. If you want to give her a hint that you’re interested in a long-term relationship with her, giving her a red and white rose bouquet is a perfect choice.
  • Pink – Pink roses symbolize happiness. You can simply give it to anyone who makes you happy, whether a friend, a relative or a special someone.


Carnations are next to roses when it comes to popularity in bouquets. They have plenty of colors to choice from and these flowers are usually mixed with others to make a bouquet more beautiful.

  • Red – Just like red roses, they speak of love and passion. Additionally it also symbolizes courage.
  • Pink – If you want a more subtle alternative to red, pink carnations are your best pick. It symbolizes thankfulness and you can give it to someone whom you want to express your gratitude with.
  • White – This color symbolizes purity and spirituality. If you want her to know that your love for her is pure then this color is perfect.


Orchids are exquisite flowers and their beauty is mystical. Certainly they don’t come cheap but if you want to let her know just how special she is, everything is worth it.

Sending a bouquet will never be stressful again when you have this basic knowledge on what kind of flowers is appropriate to give at a certain time

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