The day you are able to finally live the rest of your life with the person you love, is a special day that many people look forward to. Being able to celebrate this joy with every one that you love, adds even more to the specialty of this big day. And so, welcoming this day in a grand and special embrace has become a practice that has been followed for years. That is why even today you see people going over and beyond to make this day memorable not only for the wedding couple but also for the guests too. So if you are looking for tips to create such a memorable day, here are some tips you could use.

Plan out the seats right

Rather than having your guests stranded in random areas or feeling uncomfortable being seated with people that they don’t know of, it is best if you already work out the seating arrangements for them. It might seem like a fun thing to get each and every guest in your wedding mingling with each other, but sometimes this might just make things a little awkward. So set the seats right and have kids hanging out with other kids, and friends hanging out with other friends that they haven’t met in a long time. Who knows at the end of the day you might even be playing matchmaker without your knowledge and having a collection of amazing candid pictures from your wedding photobooth in singapore that you set up!

Give fun favors

Wedding favors are like those little goody bags you used to get after a party when you were a kid. Do you remember how much you looked forward to those? It was because these goody bags were like the cherries on top of a chocolate dripping cake. This is the same with wedding favors. People expect something interesting to be able to take home and hold on to. So make sure that whatever you plan on handing out is something interesting and memorable. You could gift them some flavored tea or ingredients for a s’more or even a simple ornament to hold on to.

Set up a-make-your-own-food station

Most weddings already have things set up for their guests, and while this might be convenient, it really doesn’t give any choices or options for the guests to make. However by setting up a make-your-own-food station you can allow the guests to make a mix of whatever they want. This way you would be appealing everyone’s taste buds!

You could also organize something for the kids to do so that they can have their own fun while their parents mingle and walk down the memory lane. So think out of the box and focus on the little details that would add more meaning, and plan the most memorable wedding of the year!

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