Swimming is considered as an ideal sport as this allows a full body exercise. With swimming, you will be able to achieve a toned full body because all of your muscles from head to toe are used. Compared to other sports where it only focuses on certain parts, with swimming, not only it provides you with a healthy physique but it also strengthens your heart and lungs. A bonus in learning to swim is that you develop self-confidence and a sense of purpose.


To learn how to swim does not mean that you should be living near the beach or any bodies of water. A matter of fact, in highly urbanized countries like Singapore where most residential areas are mixed-used projects, there’s a bunch of swimming lessons Singapore private and public pools offer.


But to learn swimming, take the lessons and learn it by heart, you should first clear your mind with the misconceptions that surround swimming. These are:

1 – If you are a swimmer, you can eat whatever you want because you deserve it.


Great misconceptions of eating 10,000 calories a day have been roaming the internet today after an interview with Michael Phelps and their diet. It’s true that swimmers have a big appetite but it does not mean they can binge eat anything because at the end of the day swimmers must be mindful of what they eat on normal days, race days and practice days.


2 – To become a good swimmer, you have to practice all day daily.


Although swimming is a good full body exercise, it does not mean you have to do it every day. Even professional swimmers and Olympic swimmers sets limit on how many times should they practice swimming. That is because over swimming can lead to occasional shoulder and knee pain. Swimming twice a day is good but it does not mean you have to do it almost every day.

3 – Swimming is good for losing weight.


Though swimming provides a head-to-toe exercise and could potentially burn your calories, it cannot guarantee that you can lose weight. Referring to no. 1, swimming can increase your appetite. To lose weight with swimming as your exercise, you should be mindful of what you eat also. Even though Ryan Lochte and Michael Phelps have a big appetite, they make sure that what they eat are fruits and veggies.


Swimming is a good exercise and a must survival skill to learn. But to achieve a healthy body, swimming comes with proper diet and discipline.


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